Desperately in search of . . .

I am on a quest! I need info! I have a few things that I am in the market for in the coming months, and I want to tap into your uber crafty knowledge banks!

Here's what I am looking for:

1) THE PERFECT GREEN *everything*
Why, oh, why can't I find the perfect green? I even know the Pantone number (382) of about what I am searching for, but even that is slightly off. A green that makes me buckle at the knees. I want ink, cardstock, ribbon, etc. and I just can't find it in the right green. The green I am looking for is similar to the green that October Afternoon used in their Cherry Hill (shown above) and Ducks in a Row collection. Have you seen this green? Anywhere, anywhere??

My thread keeps breaking from the needle, not the bobbin, and it's so frustrating! I need needle recommendations, thread preferences, setting preferences, etc. I am desperate!

I am debating between a Canon and Nikon D90 and it is IMPERATIVE I have a camera that takes magical pictures, has superb vibration control and works well in low light. I need a camera that can capture action shots with fluidity - my kids just won't sit still and I prefer unposed shots any how. I am sure that's more a lense issue, so any info is appreciated.

My HP all-in-one printer finally went ka-poot this last week after 7 years and I am need of a new printer that will give me great color prints (and black and white prints). Preferably one that is 12" wide (like

HP Photosmart Pro B8850 Printer or Epson R2880 Large Format Photo Printer (C11CA16201) so that I can print directly on cardstock, and, here's the catch, that won't break the bank. It needs to be Mac compatible and hopefully doesn't take up a HUGE amount of space. I would like it to be a scanner and copier as well. If you know of any that can narrow my search, that would be great!

But THIS is what I would really like!
 . . . .  Robert Pattinson!
But who isn't? Sadly, since my fantasty of Rob is just that, I'm in search of more. (I would like to ogle over this dreaminess though - I cant' wait to see New Moon, can you tell!? Yummmmo!! Photo from GQ.