Plum Crazy & A Tutorial!

Well after a hectic and chaotic weekend, I am finally posting this. My daughter's 7th birthday was yesterday, and well, she ended up sick in bed all day. We ended up postponing her party for next Sunday and it was off to the pediatrician this morning with news that her strep throat was not fully treated on her previous antibiotic. So now she's on another stronger med routine for the next 5 days. In between taking care of her yesterday and this morning I was able to get this card done, and finally photgraphed right. It is one of my Plum Crazy cards for Moxie Fab World's latest challenge. I am still not 100% happy with the way my photo has captured the color (need a new camera!-hint, hint hubby!), but it is the closest I have gotten.

I do love this card. The palette is so elegant and serene. I was so inspired by Cath's plum photos - all were so beautiful. I wanted to capture that elegance and the whimsy that purple evokes naturally. Below I have even included a little tutorial to show you how to make your own ribbon christmas tree!

Here's the details on what I used for this card - make sure you scroll down for the tutorial!

Supply List
Cardstock: CTMH
Ribbon: Offray, Michaels, JoAnn Fabric
Fabric: Joann Fabric
Felt Stars: Martha Stewart
Stamps: CTMH
Inks: CTMH (vineyard berry & petal)
Die Cut:Nestabilities Labels 1
Corner Rounder, Stitching thread: unkonwn

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Ribbon Tree Tutorial

1) Lay out your ribbon in your desired pattern, underside face UP. I chose a random pattern because alternating seemed not to work out visually for me). I also found that you should lay them out in a fan like this, and starting with  a mid range of ribbons will allow you to control the desired size as you go. For instance, here, i started with what I thought would be about the center of the tree, that way, if it was too few I could add more layers to the bottom of the tree, etc.

2) Take a strip of ultra tacky double sided tape (glue dots, or other double sided tape will not hold your ribbon in place long term) across the entire length of the ribbon row, adhering it to the surface underneath. This will hold your ribbons in place while you do your next step.

3) After exposing the top side of you double stick tape, take your ribbon and loop the bottom part up towards the top part of the the same pc of ribbon.Where you place it on the tape is up to you, but make sure that it is fully adhered to the tape. Repeat with all the ribbons in this row.

4) Once you have gotten all the loops in place, pull the entire strip off your surface. Now you can take a pair of shears (that you use with cutting adhesives) and trim the adhesive as close to the ribbon as possible being careful not to trim the ribbon itself OR you can simply wrap the adhesive around the back of the strip - you will not see it and it will help to adhere the next layer underneath. I did both.
5) Repeat the first 4 steps adding (or subtracting) another ribbon to your row each time you make a new strip. This will create the triangle effect you are looking for. Make sure, especially if you are doing your pattern randomly, that you lay out your ribbon up against your previously made strips to ensure that you are achieving the look you want before you tape the strip down.
6) Once your strips are how you'd like them to be, take another small strip of the same tacky double stick tape, and place it in the middle of the FRONT of your strip. Build your tree from the bottom up until you only have the top left. this will need to be covered with a star of other embellie to cover the adhesive and unfinished ribbon.  And there you have it!