Halloween Was a Blast!

We had such a full, and GREAT family day yesterday! Chock full of Halloween festivities! But I must admit, by 8:30pm I was in bed - exhausted! It started out with a little puddle jumping and ended with a sugar high, the likes of which I haven't experienced since LAST Halloween!

I wish I was able to take advantage of the "fall back" extra hour of sleep, but alas my Mr. P had other plans for me. When I got up, to the sound of rustling plastic, I knew I needed to check something out. There on the couch was Peyton watching the National Geographic Channel (which was left from my husband the night before) working on, not his first, but his 2nd lollipop of the morning!! OMG :::sigh::::. "No, no, sweetie, we don't eat lolli's for breakfast - you need to ask Mommy and Daddy before getting candy. Yesterday was a special day for candy. We don't eat that much candy every day-it's not good for you or your teeth or your body!" Oh, the reasoning of a 3 year old!

Hope you had a great day yesterday, too! I will be working on some things today and tomorrow and will hopefully have something to show you really soon!