An 8-Legged Visitor!

I am not the biggest fan of bugs. But I am a huge fan of nature's wonders. About a week ago, this spider became our household entertainment outside our front window when she spun an ENORMOUS web that spanned nearly the entire width of our bay window. Click on the photo to see it in even more detail - it's pretty spectacular (and this pic is only about one third of it!)

We've watched her catch and even eat her meals, repair her web with immaculate precision, and just hang out. I am fairly certain that this is a momma spider just waiting to have her babies because she seems to have gotten bigger and bigger. Now if this spider were in my house I'd be running for cover, she's big! When they're that big I try to capture and release them back outside b/c the idea of squashing something that big --- ick! Plus, they're great for my garden, which I love!

What I found most fascinating about this web, is how huge and beautiful it was, especially in the beginning. She isn't taking the time to repair it now, which makes me think, like in Charlotte's web, she's about to have her babies and move onto spider heaven. The detail, and symmetry are amazing. I love watching things in nature and how they inspire me. Are there anythings in nature that inspire, or fascinate you? After this experience, I'm captivated. And I'll be sad when our spider leaves.