Mojo 100 Day 3

So here's my take on the sketch for Mojo Monday's 100th Sketch (Day 3). I LOVE it! It's way kooookie!! It dawned on me as I was making it, that it was subconsciously inspired by something.

Yesterday when I was at the drive thru at the bank, these girls, probably about 13 years old, came walking by. One of them was wearing this outfit - whoa 80's - neon green leggings with those black leggings with all the horizontal tears in them, over the top - like she got in a fight with a tiger - and neon pink Tom Cruise, Risky Business sunglasses. I tell you I was having an 80's flashback!! So, I think this is where this wacky card came from with a 2009 twist - and I love it! So enjoy!