Getting Stuck? Stopping Point?

These are images of 2 layouts I did this weekend. And typical for me, I get to THIS particular point, photos, paper, even some embellishing all done. Then when it comes to the headlines/titles and journaling, I leave it to last. I did about 30 of these types of layouts on my vacation "home". I tell myself I'm going to just sit down and do all the journaling and get it done. I have the best of intentions. But I'm wondering if I put this off, a) because I have a hard time finishing these types of projects - I get bored easily b) because it's sad to say goodbye to the process and event, or c) if I'm just procrastinating terribly.

In my defense, I have lived up to my intentions before; sat and done all my journaling in one big swoop. And it does work. I guess putting this up here and admitting my scrapping shortfall, hopefully will motivate myself to complete these layouts, instead of ordering more prints and starting a bunch of new layouts. Wake up sista! I have about 32 others that need to be completed first!! :)